Divoom Pixoo-Max Pixel Display, 32*32 LED Programmable Digital Photo Frame


Meet Pixoo-Max Pixel Display – Our most popular smart pixel display with a 9.6” LED screen. It is our most advanced LED pixel screen with a 32×32 pixel size display. A big upgrade from the previous generation in terms of clarity and stability

Easy to Setup – Comes with 2 suction cups, easy to install on smooth surface like glass doors/windows/desks, or tiles. You can easily set it up on desk with the black stick, works as a digital photo frame or a digital clock.

Easy-to-use APP – IOS/Android phone and tablet compatible to allow anyone to use this device. Built-in available tools to help you to create real-time drawing by using your fingertips which are displaying on the device.

World-class Pixel Community – The Divoom app pixel forum provides a platform for pixel lovers all over the world. You can view or download animation display, easy to access to communicate and share pixel art design with over 1000+ pixel lovers in community. Perfect gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

More Practical Features – It is not only the sign board for shops, hotels, coffee and bar to advertise and sales promotion, but also a great wall clock or led decor for an home or office. Support to get quick notifications from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, check the led screen of weather, thermometers and noise meter

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Weight 0.495 kg
Dimensions 17.28 × 17.28 × 1.9 cm


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