Ofiyaa Portable Charging Adapter


1. Adapter can be used over more than 150 countries in the world;

2.This product is used for different national standard plug socket conversion ; Applicable to PDA, digital cameras, chargers, CD players, notebook computers, scraper and other small and medium power digital appliances.

3. product advantages :

a. This product is exquisite, beautiful, Powerful, set multi-national standard plug in one socket. In any part of the world can easily connect to your electronic products, to achieve a true sense of the global pass.

b. Pin part: It has 4plugs in one.“UK plug(Three flat pins)、EU plug、US plug、AUS plugs”.

c. AC: multi socket for global use

d. Input: 100V-240Vac, max:8A
Max Power: 33W

Single USB: 5Vdc 2400mA

4. Material:use imported PC fire retardant material,nickel brass make good conduction and long lifetime

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 74 × 55 × 53 cm


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